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  • Hello - my English is not very good, but i´m glad you are here! Have a nice time!

  • Willkommen bei uns - auf eine gute Zeit! :-)

    • Vielen Dank - ich freue mich sehr, Teil der TV Kult Familie zu sein! Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus London England

    • Wow - jetzt werden wir hier ja richtig international :-)

    • Thank you... one of your members 'Nostalgia fan' (NF) posted a query about my German actor Grandfather in 2018 (but NF didn't know about me then) and I only noticed it on the internet today... so I have replied and hope the answer is helpful. ;)

    • Unfortunately, my English is very bad. I translate with Google Translate ;-) I hope you understand everything. Nostalgie Fan is sure to be delighted. I am curious what you can tell about your ancestors.

    • My German is not good enough so I use Google Translate also! The translation you have published is OK, but sometimes Google ignores some of the hidden meaning of what you want to say. Is your question a general one or is it exactly about my actor Grandfather? I have spent 7 years creating a special information archive of his life work (some basic information was given in my reply to Nostalgia Fan in my previous message that you saw) I can send you a private access if you wish. I have looked at your website and can send you the archive link there and you can send me your comment. ;)